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CAN Software and Computers

The CAN Expertise Centre has computing facilities that are dedicated to computer algebra. These facilities are accessible via SURFnet, Internet and Datanet. A series of computer algebra systems are installed on the machines: general purpose systems like Aljabr (Macsyma), FORM, Maple, Mathematica, Reduce; and also special purpose systems like DStool, GAP, GB, LiE and Macaulay. CAN tries to get as many computer algebra systems and packages on these machines as possible. At this moment the accessible hardware consists of a multiprocessor Silicon Graphics Challenge and two Silicon Graphics Indigo's with R4000 processors.


1. The private disk space for the user is limited to 5 MB.
2. The account can be used up to December 31 of the subscription year.
3. The use of CAN computing facilities is strictly personal, the password must be kept secret. Abuse will lead to a denial of further access.
4. The use of the CAN computing facilities is regulated by the system operators. They are allowed to stop processes, or to refuse access, if necessary. Before very large computations on the CAN computing facilities, the systemoperator should be notified.
5. This subscription is governed by the Dutch law.

Leendert van Gastel,
Wed Nov 13 13:17:49 MET 1996