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Computer algebra (CA), or symbolic computation, is about all software and algorithms that enable to use a computer for computations with symbols, and not only with floating point numbers, as is the case with numerical software. Computer algebra systems, like Maple and Mathematica, are for instance capable of solving polynomial equations, of differentiating and integrating functions, of generating Taylor expansions. This all is done in a very user friendly way. Quite often numerical and graphical features are added. Also a high level programming language, tailored to mathematical use, can be part of such a system.

Computer Algebra Netherlands (CAN) has as its goal the stimulation and coordination of the use of computer algebra. It is an independent non-profit organization, which started with funds from the Dutch government. A long term aim is to become self-supporting.

In 1989 the establishment of the CAN Expertise Center was made possible by financial support of the Dutch government, through subsidies received from the Dutch research council NWO and SURF, the Dutch organization supervising computer services in education and research. The Center supports researchers and users of computer algebra by the following services:

Anybody interested in the CAN Expertise Center or its services can contact it at

Expertisecentrum CAN
Universiteit van Amsterdam
Faculteit WINS
Nieuwe Achtergracht 170
1018 WV Amsterdam

Telephone +31 20 5255723
Telefax +31 20 5255866
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