CAN, Computer Algebra in the Netherlands, is a foundation established in 1988 stimulating and coordinating the use of computer algebra (systems) in education and research. The number of computer algebra specialists and users in the Netherlands is limited and scattered over several disciplines, each having its own scientific and organizational traditions. An additional goal of CAN is to provide specialists and users with a common platform for discussing problems of mutual interest. To this end CAN organizes workshops, courses and meetings and regularly publishes a computer algebra newsletter.

The board of CAN consists of:

      F. Brackx,        State University of Gent (Vice-Chairman)
      W. v.d. Kallen,	University of Utrecht (Secretary-Treasurer)
      J. Vermaseren,    NIKHEF-H Amsterdam (Chairman)
The CAN Foundation conducts an institute: The CAN Expertise Center, which is mainly concerned with the dissemination of computer algebra methods and the service to computer algebra researchers and users, is a joint cooperation between RIACA and the science faculty of the University of Amsterdam.

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