People at RIACA


The collaborators of RIACA are:

Dima Pasechnik
he worked on a package for invariant theory of SL2, developed as a result of contacts with the computer vision group of ``Medische Fysica'' at the University of Utrecht; his work in 1996 is mainly directed towards a package Lie algebras.
Roderik Lindenbergh
he produced an interactive version of the lecture notes for the course Algebra 1, 2 at the TUE.
René Swarttouw
he works, under supervision of T.H. Koornwinder (UvA), on an interactive version of a survey of special functions.
Jan Sanders (VU), Yu. A. Kuznetsov, V. Levitin
work on Dynamical Systems at the CWI
Leendert van Gastel, André Heck
at UvA; they are the tenured staff of the CAN Expertisecentrum
at UvA; he conducts works for SAC, a European network for Computer Algebra.
Hans Sterk and Hans Cuypers
they form the management team, jointly with
Arjeh M. Cohen
the scientific director
Cristian M. Huiban
a co-developer of IDA, Pin-codes, and Numlab projects


So far, the following people have visited RIACA.

  1. Abbott, J. (UK),
  2. Atkins, S. (UK),
  3. Avitzur, R. (USA),
  4. Bachmann, O. (USA),
  5. Banchoff, T. (USA),
  6. Berdnikov, A. (Russia),
  7. Bollzer, A. (Israel),
  8. Buchanan, T. (Germany),
  9. Corless, R. (Canada),
  10. Dragt, A. (USA),
  11. Evans, N. (Canada),
  12. Faugeras, O. (France),
  13. Fiesler, B. (Germay),
  14. Gatermann, K. (Germany),
  15. Geiger,C. (Germany),
  16. Govaerts,W. (Belgium),
  17. Gray, S. (USA),
  18. Grimm, S. (Switserland),
  19. Guyard, F. (France),
  20. v.d. Heijden, G. (UK),
  21. Hereman, W. (USA),
  22. Herssens, C. (Belgium),
  23. Huiban, C. (Romania),
  24. Kajler, N. (France),
  25. Krotzsch, G. (Mexico) ,
  26. Lauterbach R. (Germay),
  27. McGettrick, M. (UK),
  28. Mora, T. (Italy),
  29. Multisilta, J. (Finland),
  30. Papegay, Y. (France)
  31. Pasechnik, D. (Russia),
  32. Popov, A. (UK),
  33. Recio, T. (Spain),
  34. Rodriguez, D. (Germany),
  35. Ronyai, L. (Hungary),
  36. Rouillon, N. (France),
  37. Rumberger, M. (Germany),
  38. Shermenev, A. (Russia),
  39. Sochacki, J. (Poland),
  40. Soiffer, N. (USA),
  41. Stes, D. (Belgium),
  42. Strotmann, A. (Germany),
  43. Wolf, B. (Mexico),
  44. Wolf. T. (UK),
  45. Wood, D. (USA),
  46. Worfolk, P. (USA),
  47. Zima, E. (Russia).