Software produced at RIACA

  1. Computer Algebra on WWW by Raoul Suurmeijer
    An introduction to computer algebra in general, using Maple as an example, that can be used via WWW
  2. CONTENT by Yu.A. Kuznetsov and V.V. Levitin
    Analysis of bifurcations
  3. ELIAS by W. de Graaf
    The structure analysis of Lie algebras
  4. ILP by Dima Pasechnik
    the Hilbert basis problem
  5. Interactive algebra by Roderick Lindenbergh
    Interactive lecture notes
  6. INUM by Buskens and Slob
    Dealing with linear equations from one frontend with several systems such as MathLab, Templates
  7. INV by Dima Pasechnik
    SL2 invariant theory
  8. IZIC by Kajler et al.
    A package for graphics output from symbolic computations, independent of the symbolic software package
  9. JAVA XDVI viewer by Garth Dickie
    Enabling graphical display of TeX generated text and pictures via the net
  10. Lense by D. Stes
    NEXTSTEP operated machines, for designing lenses, a prototype
  11. LiE by M.A.A. van Leeuwen, A.M. Cohen, and B. Lisser
    Computations concerning representations of Lie groups and algebras
  12. LieMex by K.B. Wolf
    Applying Lie transformations using Clebsch-Gordan decompositions
  13. Visual Algebra by Simon Atkins
    Dealing with matrices in an interactive graphical way
  14. CAOP by René Swarttouw
    Computing Relations for Orthogonal Polynomials
  15. Interactive Askey Scheme by René Swarttouw
    Compendium for Orthogonal Polynomials occurring in the Askey Scheme
  16. NUMLAB by Cristian Huiban et al.
    A laboratory of numerical engineering
  17. A Smart Internet Explorer by Cristian Huiban
    Java Multithreaded application for internet search/dowload.
  18. The "maths" package for the WWW by Cristian Huiban
    Java distributed server system (servicing various mathematics tools across the net).

Last modified September 10, 1997

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