Symbolic analysis of loudspeaker cross over filters

Ronald M. Aarts
Dept. WOII
Philips Research Lab. Post Box 80.000
5600 JA Eindhoven, The Netherlands


Sjoerd M. Verduyn Lunel
Faculteit Wiskunde en Informatica
Vrije Universiteit
de Boelelaan 1081a
1081 HV Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Keywords: RLC, loudspeaker cross over filter, transfer function


Computer algebra can be used to compute the symbolic transfer function of a loudspeaker cross over filter as a function of frequency, filter components and loudspeaker impedance. We describe a key ingredient of this kind in a program to analyse RLC-loudspeaker cross-over filters developed and implemented at the Philips Research Lab. Eindhoven.

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Reproduced by permission of John Wiley & Sons Ltd, 1995

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