Systems for doing mathematics by computer: convenient tools for fluid mechanics

Paul Boomkamp & Rob Miesen
Koninglijke/Shell-Laboratorium, Amsterdam
(Shell Research B.V.)
Badhuisweg 3, 1031 CM Amsterdam
The Netherlands


Systems for doing mathematics by computer are convenient tools for mathematical modelling in general, and in doing fluid mechanical analyses in particular; they enable us to handle problems that would be too complicated or too expensive without them. In the present paper, this thesis is illustrated by the study of a fluid mechanical problem that is related to the transport of very viscous oil. The essence of the problem is a stability analysis of the interface of a two-fluid Poisseuille flow in a pipe, i.e. core-annular flow, with a very viscous fluid (oil) as the core and a less viscous fluid (water) as the annulus. It is shown that both axisymmetric as well as non-axisymmetric interfacial wave modes will be present.

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