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MathEdge is a development toolkit which enables application developers the ability to link the symbolic engine of Maple V to their own software application. Using either a static or a dynamic link to the Maple engine (subsequently referred to as the Kernel), new applications can access its mathematical capabilities in ways which have not been possible through the standard interface of Maple V Release 3.

MathEdge replaces the C-callable or OEM version of Maple which has been used by such software programs as Mathcad, MATLAB, and PV-WAVE. Through MathEdge, any software developer has the ability to link their own applications to Maple.

Key Features of MathEdge

Further information is available through our World-Wide Web site CAIN at
More information about the product, pricing, and licensing can be obtained at the CAN Expertise Center.

Andre Heck
Sun Apr 23 10:32:10 MDT 1995