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Calcul Formel : mode d'emploi --- Exemples en MAPLE

C. Gomez, B. Salvy, P. Zimmermann
Masson (1995)
ISBN 2-225-84780-0
327 pp.

To use computer algebra systems efficiently, it is important to understand which classes of problems these systems can handle. For each of the main areas of mathematics, this book shows which questions computer algebra can solve and how one reduces many problems of various origin to these questions. The examples are treated with the Maple computer algebra system, whose characteristics are given in detail.

The intended audience is composed of students, teachers, scientists and researchers. No specific knowledge of computer algebra or computer science is required. The aim of the book is to show the reader where computer algebra can be useful in the solution of her problems.

Andre Heck
Sun Apr 23 10:32:10 MDT 1995