Survey about RealSolving

We are seeking to improve our knowledge of both the present and potential uses of algorithms in real algebraic geometry. We also seek to improve the Real Solving software so that it is in greater harmony with its users.This software is dedicated to the study of the real roots of polynomial systems using exact computations. It is developed by Fabrice Rouillier as part of the PoSSo project and continues as part of the FRISCO project. Thank you very much for your participation.

  1. On which of the following types of problems have you been engaged ?

    Search for real roots for polynomial systems.
    Test whether a set given by means of polynomial inequalities is empty.
    Positioning of algebraic curves in the plane.
    Finding conditions on parameters which garantee that a univariate polynomial has given properties.

  2. If so, please describe the problem:

  3. Origin of the problem ?

    Pure mathematics.
    Applied mathematics.
    Other scientific field.

  4. Are you familiar with the Real Solving software ?


  5. To solve or study your problem, did you use

    The Real Solving software.
    Other specialized software.
    General purpose software together with your own algorithms.

  6. If you have already used the Real Solving software, please describe what you experienced as its assets and its deficits.

    You can give information about yourself as well, if you want to

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