The CMLT Network

(computational methods in Lie theory)


In Lie theory, as in many other fields in mathematics, the power of modern computers has given an impetus to research on various problems which are hard from a computational point of view. A few examples of the topics are computations involving root systems, Weyl groups, Coxeter groups, Kazhdan-Lusztig polynomials, decompositions of tensor products of representations, classifications in geometric invariant theory, normal form problems, special base computations in Lie algebras and representation spaces.

Many ad hoc programs have been written that usually serve the author for one or a few individual problem instances but have the potential of being useful for a much wider group of researchers. This and the fact that many implementations of the same algorithm have been found to occur lead us to believe that some organization and collaboration in this area is called for.

Therefore at a workshop on Computational Methods in Lie Theory at Monte Verita (March 1993), a network of individuals and groups interested in the theory, methods, and applications of computations in Lie theory has been established. (See also the Founding Announcement)

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S. Grimm