``Mathematical Tools in Interactive Learning, a Digital Approach.''

The MaTILDA '97 Workshop has been held May 12-13, 1997 in the University of Amsterdam (The Netherlands). The main goal of the workshop was to present the most recent realizations related to the integration of mathematical tools in interactive learning and to address the key issues. It has been an opportunity for fruitful contacts between people from different fields: Symbolic Computation, Mathematics, Computer Graphics, Multimedia, Educational Sciences,...

MaTILDA '97 has been organized by RIACA (The Research Institute for Applications of Computer Algebra) in the framework of (and supported by) the European SAC Network (Symbolic and Algebraic Computation).

MaTILDA '98 will be held in the beginning of May 1998 at Tampere University of Technology, Information Technology, Pori (Finland).

More information available from Jari Multisilta (Email: Jari.Multisilta@pori.tut.fi).

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