Collecting the URL's of Research Teams Home Pages

We are collecting the URL's of the Home Pages of the Research Teams dealing with Symbolic and Algebraic Computation in the world.
The "Home Page" of a Research team typically contains general information like the name, team, postal and electronic address,etc, of the team as well as scientific information like a short description of research activities, the articles published, etc.

You just give the URL of your research team's Home Page here, you will still continue to maintain this page where it is.

The Research Teams Search Engine gives the means to search into all the pages whose URL's are collected here as well as in the pages created in CAIN Europe's Research Teams Repository. Including keywords in your research team's Home Page will increase the power of the search engine.

If you do not know how to create a Home page for your research team, you can easily create a nice one with CAIN Europe's Research Teams Repository.

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Last Update: September 23, 1996