SAC: Scientific Committee

What is the Scientific Commitee ?

The leaders of the participating research groups will form a scientific committee. Such a committee is responsible for organising the collaboration and coordinating the scientific work. The committee will define in a democratic manner the themes within the aim of integration (see the objective of the SAC Network), and divide the tasks and responsibilities among the participants. For the management of the network a scientific committee and a network coordinator are responsible. The scientific committee is formed from the leaders of the participating research groups. It has a democratic structure, all members operate on an equal basis and it is concerned with the organisation of the collaboration and the coordination of the scientific work. It is not qualified to prescribe a research topic to a participating research group, but can allocate organisation tasks and the associated funding.

The committee has the following tasks:

  1. defining research projects that fit in the network objective,

  2. divide tasks and responsibilities among the participants,

  3. possibly invite partners in research from within the conglomerates and possibly from without,

  4. coordinate publication and distribution of results and computer systems.

Who are the Members of SAC's Scientific Committee ?