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Program Committee

The conference program (lecture presentations, workshops) was selected by the following international program committee: Bärbel Barzel (Düsseldorf, Germany), John Berry (Plymouth, United Kingdom), Josef Böhm (Würmla, Austria), Marvin Brubaker (Grantham, PA, USA), Paul Drijvers (Utrecht, The Netherlands), Terrence Etchells (Bolton, United Kingdom), Robert J Hill (Pittsburgh, PA, USA), Bernhard Kutzler (Hagenberg, Austria), David Sjöstrand (Onsala, Sweden), Barbara Victor (Chicago, IL, USA).

History of the Conference The First International DERIVE Conference was held during the summer of 1994 in Plymouth, England and was organized by Professor John Berry of the University of Plymouth. The conference hosted over 200 participants and set the format for future conferences. The Second International DERIVE and TI-92 Conference was held during the summer of 1996 at Schloss Birlinghoven in Bonn, Germany and was organized by Bärbel Barzel. The conference hosted more than 250 participants.