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\mbox{\large\bf The Fourth Spanish Conference on}
\\  \\ \mbo...
\\  \\ \mbox{\large\bf Sig\uml uenza, September 14--16, 1998}\end{array}$

This is the fourth Conference of a series initiated at Santander (1995) and continued at Sevilla (1996) and Granada (1997). Main goals are to be a forum for the spanish community in the field and to offer the opportunity to young researchers to present their work. Although of national profile, the meeting is open to international submissions and attendence. Talks in english are wellcome, but the usual meeting language should be expected to be spanish.

Local committee members should be contacted for further details and/or to receive a second announcement.

Conference Topics

Efective methods in Algebra, Analysis, Geometry and Topology. Complexity analysis of algorithms. Scientific computing via symbolic-numerical methods. Applications to Science and Technology.
Local Committee

\mbox{M.-E. Alonso ({\tt}), J.R. Sendra ({\tt})} \end{displaymath}

Scientific Committee

Maria Emilia Alonso (Universidad Complutense), Jose Luis Bueso (Universidad de Granada), Francisco J. Castro (Universidad de Sevilla), Joan Elias (Universidad Central de Barcelona), Laureano González-Vega (Universidad de Cantabria), Antonio Montes (Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña), Juan Rafael Sendra (Universidad de Alcalá)


Authors can submit a paper by sending either an extended abstract of at least three pages or a full paper of at most ten pages, before April 30th 1998. Submissions should be written, preferably, in TEX or LATEX. Papers may be sent electronically to

or by regular mail to

Authors will be notified about acceptance or rejection of their submissions by the end of June.
Invited Speakers

D. Bayer (University of Columbia, USA), M. Bronstein (INRIA, Sophia-Antipolis, France), J.L. Bueso (Universidad de Granada, España), G.M. Greuel (Universität Kaiserslautern, Deutschland).

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