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Report on the Chicago ICTCM-10 Conference Report on ICTCM-10


A. Watkins
University of Plymouth, United Kingdom

It was an excellent Conference and the international speakers were thanked by Bert Waits in person for the quality of their presentations and "for putting the 'I' into ICTCM". It is now an acronym for ``International Conference on Technology for Collegiate Mathematics.'' There was a CAME meeting the last Sunday.

What follows is a series of abstracts taken from the Programme. They relate to the sessions which I attended. There were some 100 presentations each day in 11 parallel sessions and nearly 400 delegates, mostly from the USA. Most of these papers will appear in the procedings and further papers will be published in IJCAME.

Apologies for the personal choice, please email me if you want information about other topic areas.