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Schoonschip Distribution of October, 1991.


Schoonschip is an algebraic manipulation program which was designed for
large problems, originally in particle physics, and which pioneered a
number of the concepts now generally used in algebraic computation.  Its
interface is not as slick as some of the "modern" symbolic manipulation
programs, and it does not have as many built-in procedures as some of them
do, requiring the user to construct more of his own.  But it is written in
machine language and is fast, capable, and efficient in its use of machine
resources.  The program runs in approximately 650 kilobytes of memory.


The distribution for each machine consists of 2 compressed archive files,
one of which contains the binary executable and is machine specific, and
the other of which contains text files with examples and a manual, the
same for all machines.  These are available for the Atari, Amiga, Sun 3/60,  
and NeXT computers, with 680x0 cpu's, via anonymous ftp under the directory  
"physics/schip" at

Although freely available, the executable code is copyrighted by its author,
M. Veltman.

Schoonschip running under a beta version of a CLI shell (not in the public  
domain) is available for the Macintosh (and for the PowerMac, M68000 emulation  
mode only) by special request for scientific purposes from 

   Prof. M. Veltman
   Physics Department
   University of Michigan
   Ann Arbor, MI 48109


   Prof. David N. Williams
   Physics Department
   University of Michigan
   Ann Arbor, MI 48109

An indexed, hard-copy manual is also available at reasonable cost.

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