Systems related to (Non)Commutative Algebra & Algebraic Geometry


Kan is a system for doing algebraic analysis by computer based on computations of Groebner bases. We can do computations in the rings of polynomials, differential operators, difference operators and q-difference operators by the Kan system. The integrals (direct images), restrictions (inverse images) and free resolutions of modules can be computed by the system. These abilities can be used for mechanical theorem provings of binomial and special function identities. A tutorial and an user-oriented environment (Kan-window) are also provided.

Kan is developed and implemented by Nobuki Takayama, Department of Mathematics, Kobe University, Japan. Kan is available for Unix platforms by anonymous ftp at For questions, please contact the developer by email at kan@math.s.kobe-u.a

See also the KAN Web-site.

Special Purpose Systems

Last updated: May 7, 1998