Differential Equation Solvers & Tools


SYM_DE is the SYMetries of Differential Equations package developed by Stanley Steinberg from the University of New Mexico using the Macsyma system. It comes with Macsyma in the share library.

The programs in this package compute the infinitesimal symmetries of a system of ordinary or partial differential equations. For simple equations, the computation is automatic; complicated equations may require some user intervention. The theory and applications of infinitesimal symmetries are described in the references given below. The easiest way to learn to use this package is to copy one of the demo files (described below) to your personal directory and then modify it to do your problem.

The solution procedure has four main steps:

Most of the user-accessible functions in this package take no arguments. Instead, they assume that certain global variables contain the required quantities.
Special Purpose Systems

Last updated: November 15, 1994