Systems related to Number Theory


Galois is an algebra/number theory microcomputer package written by R. Lidl, R. W. Matthews, and R. Wells from the U. Tasmania in Turbo Pascal v3.0. Galois can be used for teaching or research in those parts of algebra and number theory and their applications that emphasize modular arithmetic, matrices and polynomials over finite fields or integers mod n. A selection of routines for various domains is:

   Chinese Remainder Alogrithm		Least Common Multiple
   Cyclotomic Polynomials		Minimal Polynomial
   Calculate Determinant		Norm
   Calculate Rank			Nullspace
   Evaluate Polynomial			Order of Element
   Factorization			Primality Test
   Find Inverse				Primitivity Test
   Find "Next" Prime			Rank
   Find Primitive Element		Reduced Echelon Form
   Find Roots				Solve Congruences
   Greatest Common Divisor		Solve Linear Systems
   Interpolation			Trace 
The single use license of Galois cost US$115 (DM 240, ATS 1650), the site license costs US$440 (DM 890, ATS 6200). Write to:
CIFEG Inc., Kalkgruberweg 26, A-4040 Linz, Austria

System requirements: IBM PC or compatible computer, MS.DOS version 2.0 or later, 640K memory, and a 5 1/4 inch (360K) or a 3 1/2 inch (760K) diskette drive. Any monitor which runs with the CGA, EGA or Hercules card is suitable.

Special Purpose Systems

Last updated: November 15, 1994