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version KANT V4, 12/94

AT the end of 1994 the first release of KASH, the KAnt V4 SHell, takes place. KANT V4 has been developed at the Technische Universität Berlin under the project leadership of Prof. Dr. M. Pohst. Its name is the abbreviation of

with a slight hint of its german origin. As the name indicates, KANT is a software package for mathematicians interested in Algebraic Number Theory. For those KANT is a tool for sophisticated computations in number fields.

For the first time you are now able to use the powerful KANT V4 functions within a shell and you don't need to know anything at all about programming in C. To make your life easier we provide binaries of the shell. At the moment we are supporting the following architectures:

If you are using a machine, which is not one of the above, please send the developers an e-mail (

The main features of the current release are:

Since the developers just started to implement this shell, a large number of functions in the KANT V4 library is not available in the shell at the moment. Therefore new releases of KASH will be available from time to time. The next release is scheduled for February. This release will include the following features: At the moment only a few functions (about 70) have been implemented in the shell, but the developers will increase their number steadily, so please mail to

KANT and KASH are protected by copyright restrictions, but are free available. To install KASH obtain the file suitable for your archcitecture from the ftp server in the directory /pub/algebra/Kant/Kash/Binaries

A documentation of KASH can be found at /pub/algebra/Kant/Kash/Doc and documentation of the KANT V4 library (not complete) can be found at /pub/algebra/Kant/V4/Doc. The documentation is a (gzip-fomatted) PostScript file.

The shell combines the KANT V4 library functions with the comfortable user interface of GAP's release 3.3 (GAP is a software package developped by Prof. Neubüser at the RWTH Aachen, F.R.G.).

Because we took GAP, stripped out or replaced most of its functions and then added KANT V4 functions, we refer to the GAP manual for the general usage of the shell (i.e. syntax of input and programming language etc.). But you should be aware of the fact that most of the special GAP functions (i.e. functions for groups etc.) won't work anymore!

The developers would like to thank

See also: KANT.

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Last updated: November 15, 1994