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A Calculator for Number Theory

Ivo Dntsch                   Phone:   (++49) 541 - 969 2346
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Univ. Osnabrueck            Bitnet:   duentsch@dosuni1
Postfach 4469
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The program performs various routines which are commonly taught in a basic course in elementary number theory, some of which are also usable for a course in algebra or combinatorics. It supports basic arithmetics on integers and Division with remainder, Integral square root, Powers, Greatest common divisor, Least common multiple.

Mod Functions like: Inverse of n mod m, Order of n mod m, Primitive root, Quadratic residue test, Chinese remainder systems.

Primes and Divisors: Compositeness test, Next prime, Factor n into its canonical decomposition, Euler's Phi, Number of divisors,...

To avoid a steep learning curve, the program is menu driven, and I/O error trapping is employed wherever possible. Help is available on many topics.

The program requires MS DOS version 2.1 or above. It is designed to run on an IBM PC, XT, AT, or compatible. A CGA/EGA/VGA graphics adapter is required. The program uses ca 117 kb of RAM.

Numbers is available by anonymous ftp at Wurst Archives as the file

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