The Maple Newsletter Number 2, Jan. 1988

What's new in Maple 4.1
The new features of Maple 4.1 with respect to version 4.0 are listed.
Examples of Maple, applied to problems from the American Mathematical Monthly
G.H. Gonnet
Maple is applied to some selected problems from the Problem Section of the American mathematical Monthly.
The First case of Fermat's Last Theorem for all Prime Exponents up to 714,591,416,091,389.
Andrew Granville, Michael Monagan
Using Maple it is proved that if the First case of Fermat's Last Theorem is false, then the exponent has to be greater than the number in the title.
A Plotting Facility in Maple
Michael Monagan
This article describes the Maple 4.1 plotting facility.
Announcement of Maple 4.0 for the Cray 2
Michael Monagan
Questions and Answers
Tips and tricks from the Symbolic Computation Group.
Computer Algebra Systems in Eduction
Announcement of the CASE Newsletter.
Availability of Maple

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