The Maple Technical Newsletter Number 5, Winter 1991

This is the first time that the title Maple Technical Newsletter is used. It is published by Waterloo Maple Software.
News and Announcements
Features of Maple V
Features of Maple V with respect to earlier releases are listed.
User defined aliases and factorization over finite and algebraic number fields
Gregory Fee, Michael Monagan
The alias facility of Maple is highlighted. Besides, the performance of univariate polynomial arithmetic over finite fields is described.
Recipes for Solving Definite Integrals Involving Exponentials and Logarithms (Part II)
Tony Scott
The extension of Maple's definite integration package is described.
Indefinite Summation in Maple
Anu Pathria
In this article the author briefly explores the topic of indefinite summation and the application of the sum procedure in Maple.
Three ways to get Stirling's Formula in Maple
Bruno Salvy
In this article the author describes how Stirling's formula is known to the Maple system and how it can be proved via Mellin transforms or a generating function.
Numerical Solution of a Differential Equation presented in the problem section of the American Mathematical Monthly
Greg Fee
The Maple solution to Problem 6552 from the American Mathematical Monthly.
Application of Variational Principles to a Simple Quantum Mechanical Problem using the Maple System
Tony Scott
A pedagogical quantum-mechanical problem is studied with the use of Maple.

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