MTN Issue 6, Fall 1991

Functionality (Maple V)

Numerical Integration using Symbolic Analysis
Keith O. Geddes
This article documents Maple's implementation for the numerical evaluation of definite integrals (evalf/int).
Computations on the 3n+1 Conjecture
Gaston H. Gonnet
The 3n+1 sequence has probably consumed more CPU time than any other theoretic conjecture. This article demonstrates that even Maple does not escape being used to tackle this problem.


Archimedes' Theorem of the Broken Chord
Anu K. Pathria
This is article uses Maple to resolve a basic geometrical problem and represents the very first Newsletter article to be written on a Maple worksheet.
Packing Circles in a Square
R. Peikert, D. Wurtz, M. Monagan and C. de Groot
This is a very interesting application of Maple to the problem of optimally packing circles within a square. This type of problem is often encountered in areas of science such as, for example, finding out the most dense packing of atoms or molecules within a crystal or macro-molecule.
Queuing Analysis of Multiprocessing
Sanjay Radia and Tony C. Scott
This article presents an application of Maple to queuing analysis and may be of use to those interested in performance analysis, data communications and computer networking.
Applications of Maple to Mathematical, Scientific and Engineering Problems
Tony C. Scott, Michael B. Monagan, Greg Fee and Robert Corless
The applications described in this review article range from Fermat's Last Theorem to Quantum Mechanics, to Audio Engineering, to General Relativity to Asbestos Fiber Analysis to Fluid Mechanics. Although brief, this review articles gives some idea of the potential and versatility of the Maple system as a problem-solving tool in research.

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