MTN Issue 8, Fall 1992

Extended Functionality (Maple V Release 2)

Extended Capabilities for Computing with Algebraic Functions and Numbers
Marc Rybowicz
This article describes Marc's improvements to Maple's capabilities for computing with algebraic functions and numbers. This includes upgrading and extensions of functions available in Maple V and better capabilities for indefinite integration.
Exact Eigenvalue and Eigenvector Computation in Maple
Michael N. Monagan
This article showcases Michael's improvements to Maple's computation of the eigenvalues of a given matrix and the more difficult task of correctly computing the corresponding eigenvectors.
On a Bessel Function Integral
R.C. McPhedran, D.H. Dawes and Tony Scott
This articles shows an extensions of Maple's implementation for solving definite integrals based on the exploitation of special functions. New exact solutions were obtained and used to address a physical problem in electromagnetic scattering.


Maple as a High Precision Calculator
Jonathan M. Borwein and Mark A. Limber
This is an enjoyable "mathematics of computation" article which also showcases Maple's capabilities as a convenient and powerful multiple precision calculator.
Surfaces and Volumes of Revolution with Maple
Thomas Riedel and Prasanna Sahoo
As the title implies, this is an educational article showing Maple's capabilities as a teaching tool.
Counting Non-Isomorphic Graphs with Maple
David R. Guichard
This article involves a particular application involving graph theory and combinatorics may be of useful to those interested in enumeration problems of the type: "How many distinct colorings are there in object X?".
Hypersingular Integral Evaluation using Maple
L.J. Gray
This articles shows how Maple can be usefully applied to boundary integral methods which are extensively used in areas of physics and engineering.

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